4.18.19                                                   ANCIENT EVIL (Black Ops 4 Zombies) has arrived!

                                                  Always a thrill to see all of our work come to life on Launch day.

                            Huge thank you to Activision and Treyarch for continued inclusion in the Call Of Duty family!


2.22.19                        Happy to collaborate on another commercial with the team at SNOG Productions

                                               and the incredibly talented directing creative duo, We Are The Rhodes.


2.19.19                                Zatanna is back! This time with concerns over her new team and some old

                                          relatioship drama. Check out this hysterical new Ep of Superhero Vlogs from

                                             TrulyIndie Studios and director Shaun Piccinino on their YouTube channel.


2.16.19               Completely my pleasure to be working with Director Lee Whittaker & Producer Mary Whittaker on

                               their feature "Aimee" which poignantly illuminates the reality of human traffiking in America.


1.19-10-19                         Back to the Volume with the Mocap Team to create more BlackOps4 magic!


12.22.18                  Myself and my fellow prducers are thrilled to recieve awards at this years Back in The Box

                                         Film Festival, hosted by Fernleif Productions. Among them is a personal win as

                                                                              Best Actress in the film "Saviors".


12.5-6.18                  Back in the volume with some of my favorite Mocap artists for ACTIVISION (BlackOps 4!!)


11-30-18                                              Off to another wardrobe fitting for a new commercial shoot!


11.14.18                               Returning to Activision for another adventure on Black Ops4! I love my job.


11-5-18                                                 In the Chair, getting ready for my role on LA's Finest.


10-19-18                               Blessed to book another role on a brand new show. Lets make some magic!


8.29.2018                         Excited for another fun commercial shoot today. Big thanks to CD Jeff Rosenman

                                                                     and to my wonderful team at Daniel Hoff Agency!!

7.29.18                             Boost mobile to the rescue, make the Switch! Our Family Plan commercial is out.



7.28.18             On the carpet again for Vice is Nice, raising funds andawareness for Animal Adoption and Rescue.


7.10.18                  Thrilled for the inclusion among the brilliant writers, directors and cast of Animal Kingdom.

                      Congrats to all of a season 4 renewal!  My Episodes were directed by Cherie Nowlan and Mark Strand.


7.4.18                                             The Unrated DIRECTORS CUT of Truth or Dare is out today!

                                        Buy a copy and see some epic footage which didnt make it to the big screen!


6.15.18                        Our film, Saviors, takes home another award from the Best of the Best Competition.

                         We are so proud that this relevant piece is gaining momentum. Thank you to those who voted!



6.21.18                              Escape The Night Season 3 is finally here!  Join the Carnival, but Beware...

                                                         Joey and the gang are in for some major Clowning around.


6.4-6.18                              Happy to shoot another Chevy spot this week. Beautiful day for a "Cruze"!


5.30.18                                 Excited to shoot another commercial gig. What would you buy from me?

                                                           Thank you to my awesome team at Daniel Hoff Agency!


5.19-24.18                                    Doing a little driving for Chevy Malibu today on a new spot. 


4.4.18               Back on set in a recurring on one of my favorite shows. Cheers to my management and casting!



3.15.18             Cast screening for "Truth or Dare", with castmate Aurora Perrineau and director Jeff Wadlow.

                        Fans are going to LOVE this film! So good ... coming to a theater near you Fri the 13th of April.


3.13.18             Shooting today on one of my favorite sets with these AWESOME ladies. All I can say for now ;)


3.9-11.18     Our short film, "SAVIORS" had an excellent weekend at First Glance Film Festival to a sold out audience.

                       We are thrilled to take home two awards this year. One for our lead actor (Brad Carter) and one for our

            terrific director (Chris Gallego Wong). Thank you to the festival, Papaya Films and the filmmakers in attendance!


3.5.18                Shoot day tonight with an incredible team on a top-secret series. Cant share much of anything

except that I had a blast working with this lady, Shontae Saldana! Cant wait to share set photos.


3.1.18    Tech rehearsals today for an upcoming role on a hot YouTube series. Looking forward to working with everyone.


1.26.18                           Shooting a new commercial today with a very talented Director, Stephan Malik.

                                                              Thanks to my amazing team at Daniel Hoff Agency.

1.16.18                             Proud to announce that our film "Saviors" is an official selection at this years

First Glance Film Festival.  A Zonk Entertainment / CatarACT, Inc production.

"When saving a life becomes more important than taking your own".


1.10.18                             First gig of the new year! Working with the amazing crew of Skunk Partners.

New year.  New Gig.  New husband!


12-31-17            Ending the year working with the outstanding crew sat Mistress and Bastard Productions.

12.11-12.17                 A new day, a new set family. Working with the terrific folks at NEED and FORD:


12.6.17                  Happy to work with AtSwim and my talented set-son on a commercial spot for Indeed.


11.29-17                    Shooting a top-secret spot for a very cool product. Thank you Lead Hook Creative!


10.1.17                      Thrilled to complete our short film "Saviors", the first of many collaborations with

                        Zonk Entertainment. Directed by Chris Gallego Wong, "Saviors" is a brief and emotional glimpse

                             into the world of addiciton and the choices we must make in putting what matters, first.

                                    Thank you to our cast, crew and everyone who helped bring this project to light. 

8.23.17                            Back on set with one of my favorite directors today. Shaun Piccinino is incredible!

                                Shaun first cast me in a commercial, then again in his popular series "Heroes With Issues".

                                                                  I'm thrilled to continue to collaborate again :)

7.5-6.17                                                  More stuff & things for another top secret project 

6.28.17                          My fun and silly Episode of Full Court Prank aired. We pranked an unsuspecting

                                                                fan with the help of  Olympian Connor Fields.


6.7-8.17                                           Doing stuff & things for a top secret project this week.


5.20.17                                Pricipal photography on a personal project begins. And I'm super proud

and excited for my "Saviors" cast, crew and fellow prodction team.


4.5.17                                                On set today with this handsome actor for a new product :)


2.26.17                                Reunited with director Tom Reeve (Holy Water) on a new secret project with

                                 fellow  actor / action star Gary Daniels today. Can't say anything other than ... oh boy :)


2.18.17                                            Enjoying playing "doctor" today on another print shoot. 


2.8.17                                  Celebrating my birthday on a print shoot today with the folks at Miller / Coors


1.2.17                       Tune in tonight  (Monday) for a brand new Ep of Scorpion  and you will find a familiar face.

                                        Big  Thank You  to the  writiers,  producers and especially  casting  for the inclusion.



11.10.16                        Lucky me!  I get to join the cast of  "Heroes With Issues"  for Truly Indie Studios.

                               If you're a fan of comics, superheros, scorcerers, magic ... you will enjoy this web series!


11.7.16         Excited to join the cast of  Scorpion  today for an intense upcoming episode directed by Jeff T. Thomas!


11.3.16                        Had a wonderful day working wth the talented production team at Claudill  & Associates.


10.30.16              On another studio lot today for a fitting on an upcoming gig. Can't wait to shot. Can't wait to share!


10.26.16                Shooting another commercial today with some terrific copy. Love the challenges of these gigs :)

9.17.16             Proud to support my friend, the empowering Angela Rockwood, at the west coast  Raw Beauty Project

which celebrates women with disabilities and redefines our modern perception of "Beauty"

9.11.16                                                  Paying MrMcgetty premiers at the Burbank Film Festival:

9.5.16                             Thrilled to be joining the cast and crew of "Heros With Issues". A brilliant webseries

created/ directed by Shaun Piccinino (left) and produced by Steve Pisa (right).

What super hero do you think I should be?


8.20.16                     The beautiful FORD commercial I was a part of is airing, created by Wunderman Agency.


8.16.16                         Bucketlist shoot for Dollhouse UK w/ award-winning photographer Chrissy Sparks

and phenominal hair & makeup artist Luci Lux:


8.10.16                            Doing a little seat time for "Snowfall". The writers and directors on this are terrific!

...                       At a fitting in one of my favorite studio wardrobe departments for an upcoming show.


7.20.16                        Big thank you to You Tube star  Bart Baker and  Maker Studios for the fun working on

                            our "Aint Yo Mama" music video parody which - to date - has over 6,300,000 view on You Tube:

6.21.16                             Back for some ADR w/ the crew of Culver City Movie. On National Selfie Day too!


6.20.16                                   My latest Ep of Days Of Our Lives airs. I love working with this cast & crew:


6.9.16       Happy to be working with coord Vladimir Tevlovsky and Wunderman Agency on a new Ford commercial.

6.8-10.16                     I had a BLAST working with YouTube star Bart Baker on a new music video parody at

                                                        Maker Studios this week. This time Im not doubling JLo, I AM JLo:


5.21.16                                               On set of Culver City Movie pilot, directed by Allison Vanore:


4.14.16                                     Working today on a Mothers Day commercial with my beautiful TV family:


4.7.16                      Thehardworking, talented crew on todays shoot. We are trying to save the country. *Gulp.

3.30.16                  Working on the film Paying Mr. McGetty (directed by Michael Baumgartner & starring my friend,

    world-class martial artist  Don "The Dragon" Wilson  and  Marcus Taylor (Straight Outta Compton).

These are my incredibly talented scene mates (Richie Chance, Nick Di Brizzi, Paul Logan  and Don!):

3.13.10                                Shooting today with the award- winning  Pretty Nifty  commercial / AD crew.

1.27.16                        Happy to be working today on my first Kohls commercial. Thank you Knucklehead!


1.15.16                               It may not look like it, but I had a fun day getting sacked for an upcoming

commercial starring football legend, Brian Bosworth!

~  Have a very Happy - Merry - Joyous  Holiday everyone !!  ~

12.11.15           Excited to return to Salem and Days of Our Lives again. I will be acting in an upcoming Episode.

11.6.15        WE are LIVE! Call of Duty Black Ops 3 / Shadows of Evil was launched today by Treyarch and Activision.

                              I'm so excited to be a part of the action for a handful of characters in this video game. Major fun!


10.23.15             Back in studio at The Action Unit to host more interviews. This time with Iran's first stunt woman,

 Mahsa Amadi, world-class Action Unit director Andy Armstrong and stunt driver/ motorcyclist Jen Caputo:

10.18.15         A red Carpet appearance at the Action Icon Awards, benefitting the Diamond in the Raw Foundation:

10.11.15              Myself as reporter "Trisha Sheldon" today with Iscariot films today on Let Me Make You A Martyr

(directed by John Swab and Asraf Corey. Staring Marilyn Manson and Mark Boone)

9.12.15        At the Martial Arts Kid screening in Burbank with friend / actor Don Wilson and producer Robert Goldman.

9.10.15            Red carpet images from the "Lockhart " premier in Westwood, CA last night. Courtesy Getty Images.


8.24.15       The hysterical Episode of The Review I was LAPD for (Cult, Perfect Body) has aired on Comedy Central:


8.6.15               Shooting today with my set family for Vivint Solar (here w/ the director, Michael Cunningham)


7.15-15                    Revisiting Salem  and the cast / crew of Days Of Our Lives today. Always a pleasure.

7.10.15                              More work today with Activision / Treyarch and the mocap / stunt / acting team. 

I love my job.  Game will be out this November.


6.26.15                        I'm thrilled to have  my driving featured in the Behind-the-Scenes for Katy Perry's

Toyota Yaris commercial. It's such a fun spot.

6.18.15                                     Back in the volume with Activision, working on an exciting video game:

6.15.15                                                 My Flonase "Investigation Discovery" commercial is airing:

6.11-12.15                 Back with the LOVELY cast & crew on Days of Our Lives this week. Big things coming ;)


5.21.15             Shooting a promotional for Direct TV / Flonase today. 

5.15.15             Working today with the team at Radley on a promo for Discovery Channel.


5.13-15.15              Had an amazing time driving for stunt coordinator Ben Scott on a very exciting new pilot.

I also bumped into Director/ producer Don Kurt who directed my old episode of

Viva Laughlin years ago. He's still awesome:


4. 29. 15                                        Excited to be a part of the new Samsung commercial ("Anticipation").

The spot  features singer Rita Ora and was directed by Mark Romanek and DP'ed by Bradford Young:


4.15.15                   Pleased to host  interviews today with  three members of the  world-class Stunt Driving team

 from "Furious 7":  Debbie Evans, Steve Kelso and Henry Kingi Sr.


4.9.15                 Thrilled to work with Toyota Corporation on another car comercial this week. Got to work with one of

my favorite people and drivers as well, Jim Zahnd.


4.7.15                Back in the volume with Activision on a very exciting video game I cant talk about! SO GEEKED!!!


3.12.15              In the booth again for director Jesse Johnson (who directed me in Charlie Valentine years ago)


3.11.15                    Spent the day hosting for Beard Boy Productins for Pryor Corporation/ Artisan videos

3.6.15                    Thrilled to work again with Anonymous Content  and  72andSunny on a very exciting project.

This one is "hush-hush". I  look forward to sharing it down the road.



2.15.15                    Our new commercial is airing.  Proud to represent  Best Buy, Windows and CP&B Agency.


1.26.15       Last night on State Of Affairs...just before things got confrontational with Madam President (Alfre Woodard):



1.1.15                                 Wishing everyone the happiest and healthiest of new years.

All the best in 2015!

12.14.14                      Enjoying a  little holiday commercial shoot today with director Armond Gazarian


12.10.14            Walking the carpet at the Tailwaggers book launch, hosted by Photomundo International.

This event and the book raise awareness for dog adoption/resucue and wellbeing.

Here with Mike  Flores, Dominique Swain, Ben Munoz,

Cary Mark and Allyn Camp as well as Dominiques adorable doggie:


12.6.14     Working with WWE superstar #HulkHogan today and our AWESOME talented director Shaun Piccinino!


12.5.14       So thrilled to once again be part of the annual celebrity blood drive at the LA Childrens Hospital.

 Hosted by actors Nicholas Gonzales and Benny Nieves and benefitting #IWearOrange and

the hospital.  REALLY happy to see my friend (and #TheBridgeFX) castmate Alejandro Patino

again as well as the Vernon fire dept who donated LOTS of toys to the hospital!

TMNT cast member Tohoru Masaume and Matt Iseman, Host of American Next Ninja Warrior

also stopped by the Hospitekl to show support.


11.25.14                           Happy to be a part of tonight's HYSTERICAL episode of Real Husbands Of Hollywood

stunt doubling the sassy, beautiful Nadine Velazquez.


11.22.14                              Here's an intense still from the highly anticipated film "Love Is All You Need" (due 2015)


11.19.14              Proud and happy to work episode #110 of "State Of Affairs" today with some awesome stunt performers.

There was a lot of yelling and accusations. Tune in and follow the show to find out why?!


11.3.14                    Such a great time at Stunt Lab today nterviewing some of the top stunt professionals in the business.

So great hearing about their personal journeys, stories from sets, and catching up w/ a few friends.

In this photo: Dennis Madalone, myself, Annie Ellis and Debbie Evans.


10.27-29.14         Im having a blast working with Sweatpants Media this week for Panasonic Corporation. Great group!

9.10.14           Thats a wrap for Dixie Passow on  The Bridge FX last night. Ep 10 (Eidolon) was directed by Emmy Award

                         winner  Colin Bucksey. I feel blessed to work with this incredible team of talent and hope they get renewed

                         for a much deserved season three!


9.4.14       A POWERFUL episode last night of The Bridge FX (#9, Rakshasa). I enjoyed working with this great group of

                  talented individuals in fron and behind the camera. Tune in next week for episode 10 to find out what becomes

                 of Dixie (me) , Charlotte, Hank and all...


9.3.14       TONIGHT, 10pm on FX Networks begins the first of two of my episodes of The Bridge. I had the profound pleasure

                  of working with castmembers #FrankaPotente, #AnnabethGish, #TedLevine, #AlejandroPatino, #LyleLovett and the

                  incredible crew, writers and group effort behind what makes this show SO good. Tonights episode (#9 Rakshasa) is

                  written by Marisha Mukerjee and driected by Guillermo Navarro.


8.17.14            Catch my interview with Host Steve Pisa for Cinema Files Radio today at 10am! (www.blogtalkradio.com)


7.22.14     Last night, on #Matador, #ElReyNetwork: Things didnt end well for Donna Rossi (with #GabrielLuna and ElenaSatine)

7.7.14                     On the red carpet as "Dixie" (eps 9 & 10) for the premiere of season 2 of #TheBridge  (#FXNetworks)

with Ramon Franco  (Fausto Galvan), Franka Potente (Eleanor Nacht) and Alejandro Patino (Cesar):


6.29.14          In Hollywood to celebrate friend and action film star Don "the Dragon" Wilson's new film, "The Martial Arts Kid".

Also stars Cynthia Rothrock and actor Robert Peters (left in this photo):


6.26.14                   This was a very fun and challenging day doing creature work for an upcoming commercial.

I look forward to sharing photos once the project is released!


6.16-18.14      I can't say enough about my experience working on #TheBridge (#FXNetwork) this week with the tremendous

cast and crew. Look out for my recurring role in episodes 9 & 10 with series regulars #AnabethGish  #FrankaPotente

RamonFranco  #LyleLovett  #AleandroPatino  and amazing directors #GuillermoNavarro and #ColinBucksey! Blessed.


5.29.14                   In Cleveland working with the cast and crew of Criminal Activites. photo: #DanStevens #ChrisAbbott

#MichaelPitt #LisaCatara and #RobBrown. Directed by #JackieEarlHaley and also staring #JohnTravolta.


5.21.14                Crossing this off my bucketlist: I got to work with director and #LimpBizkit frontman #FredDurst today on

his new #EHarmony commercial shoot.  Such a funny spot. Cant wait to see it!


5.20.14          Excited! At MW Creations for my mask and wardrobe fitting for an upcoming commercial shoot.


4.23.14                      Had the pleasure of working on #Matador today, #RobertRodriguez's new show on #ElRey network.

My episode was directed by Nick Copus and stars seried regulars #GabrielLuna and #NickyWheelen.

3.29.14    Back at the LA Childrens Hospital with #IWearOrange for another worthy blood drive. Happy to donate this time.

Bumped into actor and frequent hospital supporter, Nicholas Gonzales


1.11.14          At Paramount Pictures today to be fit for a fun, funny gig on an upcoming major feature film. Stay tuned!


12.13-14.13                                     At the LA Childrens Hospital w/ some outstanding friends & colleagues

to help #IWearOrange, donate blood and raise  #Leukemia/#Cancer awareness

(#DannyTrejo #EmilioRivera #BennyNieves #LisaCatara  #KenCastillo AlCoronel #JamesBlack)



10.26.13          Stealing the runway before Metropolitan Fashion Weeks closing Gala wearing 1 of my own L.TarantinoDesigns:


10.17.13          Having fun with my print "family" today on set of the CAIA Images (UK) shoot:


10.1.13                                Proud mama. I coined a word in an interview last year. Now its on UrbanDictionary.com!


9.27.13          Working on the Paramount Studios lot on a really funny promo for an upcoming feature.


9.25.13          Spent the day precision driving up and down the gorgeous Malibu coastline for a new car commercial.


8.24.13          That's 4  for #PoliceGuys this weekend at the 2013 #AOF Awards! So proud of my cast and crew, the numerous

cameos and our stunt team. "Best Ensemble" indeed!


7.29.13          A still from my episode of #MajorCrimes which aired tonight: